Bokutachi no Remake Volume 3 Chapter 3 Part 7

Chapter 3 We Keep Getting Lost 

Translated: Sei, MTL-sensei-tachi
Edited: Sei, Grammarly no Danna

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Part 7

    On this day, Tsurayuki went outside and did not come back. He had taken his laptop with him, so I guessed he was writing somewhere where Sayuri wouldn't see him.

    "He~eh, then Tsurayuki was being hounded by Sayuri-san again today."

    As we sat around the dinner table, Nanako said a bit dazed.

    "Somehow, I felt like her pressure was getting worse and worse..."

    I thought that if someone pressured me with that kind of air, no matter how much I didn't have romantic feelings for her, I might be tempted.

    "But in such an erotic outfit, as expected she can't walk outside."

    She probably changed her clothes in the bathroom or in the car, but I wonder if she didn't think about someone seeing her.

    No, if I was thinking about it, she wouldn't have shown it to me in the first place.

    "Did she dress that great?" 

    Shinoaki asked, looking a little curious.

    "That's right, it was kind of transparent."

    "Didn't Kyoya get a little nervous too ~?"

    Nanako says teasingly.

    "Haha, well, Sayuri-san is cute, so I think a little..."

    When I was just about to say.

    I noticed that their eyes had clearly changed from earlier.

    "Stare ~~~~~~"

    Their eyes were fixed on me, and they seemed to be accusing me of something.

    "...What’s wrong with you guys?"


    "Everything's fine"

    "It was so obvious there is something!"

    The two of them did not answer.

    (This might have been a bad situation, this...)

    It reminded me of a time before when I was strangely close to the two of them.

    I was still able to endure it at the time, but to be honest, I don't think my body would be able to handle it if they tried to do the things that Sayuri-san was doing.

    (...As expected, they won't do that)

    With the good sense of the two, I decided to remove the embarrassing delusion from my head.


    "...Ah, um, both of you."

    The seating arrangement this day was Nanako on my right side and Shinoaki on my left side, both facing the kotatsu.

    The kotatsu is a well-made piece of furniture, with four legs bordering each other so that one person can fit inside.

    But suddenly the place where I sit became narrower. It was obvious that I was feeling pressured.

    "Why did you suddenly come in right next to me?"

    Two of them sat down right beside me and pushed each other's bodies against mine as they entered.

    "Yes? It's not your imagination?"

    "I think Kyoya-kun thinks too much."

    While saying that, both Nanako and Shinoaki gradually increased their closeness.

    (Aah, I knew they had something in mind!)

    The look in their eyes was also a declaration of war.

    "Both of you, um, your bodies, um."

    As the body comes into close contact with the skin, the contact rate changes according to the unevenness.

    Here's a question. Where are the places on a girl's body that are particularly noticeably bulging out?

    (Oh no, it's been so dangerous since just now...)

    Just as I was about to leave, something soft and fluffy was hitting me on both arms for the entire time. Needless to say, it was Shinoaki and Nanako's breasts.

    It wasn't just their breasts that were in close contact. In the kotatsu, both of our thighs were firmly attached to each other as if they were holding my legs. Even though it was through the cloth, it was almost as if we were hugging each other, and the heat was rising in my head to the point of making me dizzy.

    "Kyoya, what's wrong? Aren't you going to eat?"

    "You have to eat properly, okay?"

    "Please let me eat normally..."

    I didn't feel like eating dinner that day, after all...

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