Bokutachi no Remake Volume 3 Chapter 3 Part 5-6

Chapter 3 We Keep Getting Lost 

Translated: Sei, MTL-sensei-tachi
Edited: Sei, Grammarly no Danna

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Part 5

    "Ah, the access is increasing again..."

    I realized this when I opened the analytics page from my browser to update the site. The number of accesses had been in the 10,000 since the end of the year, and I could see the level of expectation.

    "After all, big circles get a different kind of attention..."

    Information about "Haru Sora" was released all at once on the website that opened at the end of last year.

    It was introduced as a breaking news story on a major news site, and was quoted on other news sites as well, spreading the information quickly. There were also individual threads on anonymous bulletin boards, and speculation about the creators spread rapidly.

    The overwhelming majority of people in the area seemed to think that it was an alias of a professional who was already active.

    "Well, few people would believe at face value that a newcomer is making it."

    The website clearly states that it is a "motivated work made by a newcomer". However, people naturally trust the information they want to believe as the truth.

    On the one hand, this was a scary story once again, but on the other hand, it was also a useful one for us.

    This is because they can expect high quality from the expectation that it is made by professionals.

    "Although, yeah."

    The current text, illustrations, and background music were of solid quality, but the quantity was not quite up to the task.

    If we don't make up for it in January, it will be really hard to catch up in February and March. In particular, we have the disadvantage that February is a couple of days shorter than usual.

    "It's time to get the engine running again."

    The reason why I showed everyone the game screen today was to blast them.

    From here, I'll have to make regular progress...

Part 6


    "Hey ~~ Tsu-kun, I think work is important, but let's laze around together... right?"

    There was one person here who was rebooting his engine in a different way.

    After the new year, Sayuri-san began to wear more revealing clothes and started attacking Tsurayuki, as if she had something on her mind.

    Today, she was wearing a see-through outerwear and lace underwear, which was so arousing that I could see it without even trying to look at it properly.

    "Sa-Sayuri-nee, please don't dress like that right now... It's a poison to my eyes because the scene I'm writing is a scene..."

    As expected, this attack seemed to have an effect on Tsurayuki, and he was struggling to keep it out of his eyes.

    "Eh, Tsu-kun, are you writing such a naughty scene? Show me a little ~"

    "Waa, no! Don't read it, hey!"

    "Etto, "Akiya-kun, I'm......  already become like this so...... Nn, so don't tease me, touch me......" Waa, I can't believe you're thinking about writing something so erotic. That's gre~at!"

    "Waa, stop it, please stop Sayuri-nee!"

    I really feel sorry for Tsurayuki. One of the things you shouldn't do to a scenario writer is to read an erotic text in front of the person who wrote it, but this is a crime at this stage because it's read aloud with pure feedback.

    "Yeah, then... should we do everything that is written here?"

    "... Seriously, don't do that, it's more creepy than being read to."

    Tsurayuki looked to be having a harder time than words could say.

    I was in the same room as her to check the scenario, but Sayuri-san didn't interfere with me at all and seemed to think of me as an ornament or something.

    "That, Sayuri-san"

    I've been trying not to interfere too much, but I think it's time to start paying attention.

    "Ara, what's wrong...?"

    If she wasn't with Tsurayuki, she'd suddenly become a very dainty young lady.

    "Tsurayuki's doing his job... I mean, wrong, but it's important work. So, you know, I don't want to disturb him any more than he already has."


    In the middle of the conversation, Sayuri turned her head toward Tsurayuki.

    "Am I... getting in your way...?"

    She complained using a soft voice, with her eyes slightly moistened.

    "Ah......... No"

    Tsurayuki opened his mouth for a moment, but then closed it,

    "Y-You’re not in the way. Kyoya, my bad."

    "Ah no... I'm sorry."

    I felt so awkward that I couldn't talk about it further.

    "Hey, I'm leaving my seat."

    I left Tsurayuki's room and let out a single sigh.

    As I walked up the stairs, I thought about the future.

    "What should I do?"

    I'm hoping that Tsurayuki will devote as much time as possible to the scenario. The more time he spends on scenarios, the more likely he will be able to stay at the university.

    But he also has his complicated circumstances.

    Even though he had no romantic feelings for Sayuri-san, she was an important person who had been with him throughout his lonely childhood. No matter how much she gets in the way of his work, he can't just disregard her.

    But that doesn't mean that I can't tell Sayuri-san herself to stay away from Tsurayuki. In fact, she seems to be much more stubborn than him.

    "Let's give them a little more time, and if that doesn't work, we'll have a serious talk..."

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